Comac Vega 85 BT

Vega is a walk-behind floor scrubber that combines power and versatility in a single machine while remaining compact and easy to handle.

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Vega is a walk-behind floor scrubber that combines power and versatility in a single machine while remaining compact and easy to handle.

Comac quality focuses on essentials with Vega: ease of use, robustness and functional design make the range perfect for work even in the most difficult and dirty conditions. That makes it a scrubber dryer suitable for any situation: from cleaning floors in the industrial or logistics sectors to healthcare facilities or large-scale retailing.

Vega’s technical characteristics and functions make it a professional floor scrubber suitable for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning of large floors, up to 4500 sq.

  • Three different brush head types to get optimal results on any floor: with disc brush (Vega BT), cylindrical brushes (Vega BTS) or with orbitalpad (Vega BTO)
  • Intuitive driving and simple controls
  • Full accessibility to components for easier maintenance
  • Frame, squeegee attachment and brush head in die-cast aluminum to guarantee sturdiness and reliability over time
  • Self-leveling splash guards on the disc versions also adapt automatically to uneven floors to increase cleaning performance
  • Optional on-board battery charger for recharging quickly and easily
  • Quick water filling
  • Handy cleaning solution level indicator
  • Parts requiring daily maintenance distinguished by yellow color
  • Emergency button to immediately stop the machine and all active functions in an emergency
  • ECO Mode: only one button to reduce noise level and energy consumption and increase the floor scrubber’s autonomy
  • Stop&Go: when the machine is temporarily idle, the solution flow is interrupted and the brushes are halted so as to optimize consumption and reduce waste
  • CSF – Constant solution flow: the distribution system that ensures correct delivery of solution on both disc brushes, thereby improving effectiveness even at low flow rates
  • SSC – Solution Smart Control: intelligent connection of the solution pump to the drive motor to adjust the flow of the solution according to the working speed
  • PM – Pressure Monitoring: system for monitoring the pressure on the brushes
  • CDS – Comac Dosing System: the system allowing the water and the detergent to be measured out separately
  • CFC – Comac Fleet Care: fleet management system that allows remote control of machine status
  • SST – Spray & Suction Tool: spray gun and vacuum wand for effective cleaning even in those areas the scrubbing machine is unable to reach
  • The lithium battery allows a drastic reduction in charge times and increase in the performance of Vega
  • ReWater – filtering system for re-using the scrubbing solution yet still maintaining excellent cleaning results
Theoretical productivity (up to sqm/h)
Scrubbing width (mm)
Brushes, quantity and type
2 - Disc
Brush Ø (mm)
Pressure on the brush (min - max) (kg)
Solution tank (l)
Recovery tank (l)
Supply/traction (V)
Autonomy up to (h)
Machine dimensions (l x h x w) (mm)
Squeegee width (mm)
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) (kg)
Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 - dB (A))