Our Products

Boyle Cleaning are specialists in industrial cleaning equipment. We sell a wide range of industrial cleaning machinery.

Our Cleaning Services

Boyle Cleaning specialise in all industrial & commercial cleaning providing services in Cork for a wide range of facilities. A rapid response unit is on call 24 hours a day also specialising in fire and flood restoration.

What Are Our Cleaning Services?

Boyle Cleaning has decades of experience providing contract cleaning services in Cork for a wide range of facilities. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a hassle-free way of keeping your property and its contents clean, maintained and organized. We’ll tour your facility and sit down with you to design a custom cleaning program that suits your budget, schedule, and requirements.

As time passes equipment and building structures begin to age and wear out. We can deliver long-term cost savings by providing a top quality cleaning service that prevents carpets, floors and other furnishings from becoming excessively damaged.