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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Service Ireland

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What’s included in our fire damage restoration service:

Boyle Cleaning has decades of experience providing Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services nationwide in Ireland. We aim to deliver a high-quality fire damage cleaning service that’s both efficient and responsive.

In the aftermath of a fire, Boyle Cleaning offers a dedicated service for restoring Private and Commercial Properties, including houses, schools, apartment blocks, medical centers, hospitals, retail/shopping centers, restaurants, and nightclubs and return them to their original clean state. Once you get in touch with us one of fire damage restoration experts will call out to your property to conduct a thorough property assessment. Our technicians will inspect your property carefully to evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the fire and smoke.

When your home or property has been damaged by a fire or smoke, it’s important to start the cleanup as quickly as possible to prevent long-lasting damage and rising costs. That’s why our rapid response team is on call 24 hours. Hiring a fire and smoke damage restoration company immediately after your property has been damaged can reduce costs and get your life back on track quickly.

The fire and smoke damage restoration process depend on the size of the fire or extent of the smoke damage, the rooms that were affected, and the structure of your property.

We make sure to contain all the areas that have not been affected by smoke or fire. This helps to protect the rest of your property from contamination and prevents further spreading. We use special techniques and equipment to remove soot and smoke from all surfaces including, but not limited to, walls, ceilings, and furniture. We also use specialized extraction equipment to remove all foul odors.

The Restoration Services provided by our team will clean and sanitize the affected areas. We use our odor eliminating professional cleaning products and equipment to remove the odors and prevent lasting damage. All upholstery, carpets, curtains, fixtures, and fittings will be professionally cleaned or replaced.

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning & Restoration Experts
  • 24 Hour Call Out
  • Thorough Deep Cleaning
  • Sanitisation and Deodorization

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