Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration

Nationwide Flood Damage Restoration Service Ireland

Our team of rapid response cleaners is on call 24 hours a day

What are the steps involved in flood damage restoration?

  1. Inspect and survey the property
  2. Remove salvageable items
  3. Store personal items and belongings
  4. Restore and repair flood damage
  5. Sanitize and deodorize damaged
  6. Decorate the property
  7. Refit all floors and furnishings

Our flood damage restoration service includes:

Boyle Cleaning are Flood and Water Damage Restoration Experts. We offer nationwide Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Ireland. In the aftermath of flood or water damage, Boyle Cleaning offers a dedicated service for restoring Private and Commercial Properties, including houses, schools, apartment blocks, medical centers, hospitals, retail/shopping centers, restaurants, and nightclubs and return it to its original clean state. Once you call us we will provide a rapid response system and start work within hours. Boyle Cleaning has the experience and expertise to recover your domestic and commercial properties, no matter what the scale of the water damage incident.

Our team of Cleaning Specialists are trained in Flood and Water Damage Restoration. The restoration services provided include the water extraction and removal of flood and standing water and the sanitization and deodorization of furnishings.

Floodwater often contains infectious bacteria. We use special chemicals to disinfect and sanitize all contaminated and affected flood or water damaged areas to minimize the risk of infection.

Because water or flood damage can devastate a property, it is essential to act fast to save your flood or water damaged property from mold and further structural damage.

Damage from flood water, water leaks or pipe breaks, require urgent water extraction and an immediate cleanup and dry out. To prevent long-lasting damage, it’s important to extract and remove standing water as quickly as possible.

We use specialist equipment to dry out your flood-damaged premises. Industrial de-humidifiers and driers remove the moisture and dry out the property. Then, all surfaces are cleaned using odor reducing chemicals.

The Restoration Services provided by our team are cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas. We use our odor eliminating professional cleaning products and equipment to remove the odors and prevent lasting damage. All upholstery, carpets, curtains, fixtures, and fittings will be professionally cleaned or replaced depending on the damage.