Dustfree® Dustless Tile Removal –


Choose DUSTFREE Certified Contractors for any tile removal or flooring removal project where dust free is essential, guaranteed to leave the home cleaner when they leave than when they arrived.

Silica dust and debris can linger on for months after a floor removal is completed. This is enough to make anyone pause prior to beginning another demolition. After listening to the testimonials from customers and seeing the simplicity of use you will be delighted you choose DUSTFREE.

Homeowners can feel safe recognizing they are working with an expert who will certainly care for their house as if it were their very own, as well that the process can move swiftly and easily during flooring removal as well as installation.

With  DUST FREE , it is a  lot more reliable, as well as turn-around time is quicker. The only preparation needed is to clear items off the flooring area in the location being removed.

Normal, everyday dust is frustrating for those with allergic reactions or health issues.

The conventional method of tile removal for a 50sq meter floor leaves 12 or even more pounds of dust in your home DUSTFREE do not have this issue

The silica dust released at demolition locations from floor covering or wall tile removal is not just a contaminant.

silica dust as a health hazard influencing the health and wellness of any living person or animal, despite how tiny the amount or restricted the time of exposure.

Dust from traditional flooring removal can remain in a home for months or even years, which is why going dust free is important.

DustFree® is a system of equipment developed entirely for dust free floor tile and floor covering removal.