Floor Burnisher Machine – Victor Lynx 20 Burnisher




Lynx 20

600.00 (ex VAT)

Produce A High Shine On Any Floor


Would you like a lightweight floor burnisher that’s easy to use and simple to clean and maintain?


The Victor Lynx 20 is a versatile cleaning machine that’s very easy to use in small, tight -o-fit areas. The 20-inch pad ensures maximum coverage in less time for faster and more efficient cleaning. It operates at 1080 rpm for maximum productivity and maximum shine. It also has a nice long handle that’s comfortable for long periods of use. Plus, it’s straight line operation means user training is minimal.

The Victor lynx 20  comes with a solution dispenser located on the machine to feed cleaning solution directly onto a pad and filter. It’s suitable for use on a wide variety of floor types such as marble, hardwood and tile floors.

By buying a floor burnisher, we guarantee that your floors will go from very dull to beautifully shiny. The Victor Lynx 20 is a great little machine that is extremely effective at keeping your floors shiny and new.

Comes with a 12-month warranty. Free delivery nationwide in Ireland.

Technical Data:

Voltage – 240v
Cleaning width – 500mm (20″)
Motor speed – 1080rpm
Motor power – 1500w
Noise level –  (vac – 72dBA)
Cable length – 15m
Operating downforce – 10kg (20″)
Weight – 38.4kg (20″)


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