Floor Scrubber And Polisher Machine – Truvox Orbis Duo Speed

Truvox Orbis Duo Speed

Truvox Orbis Duo Speed


Orbis Duo Speed

600.00 (ex VAT)

Two machines in one

A floor scrubber and polisher is a highly cost-effective cleaning machine designed for both scrubbing and polishing floors. It offers complete floor renovation and maintenance all in one machine.

The Truvox Orbis Duo Speed combines the best features of the Orbis 200 and 400 into a dependable twin-speed cleaning machine capable of scrubbing and polishing. At 200 rpm the Truvox Orbis can be used for medium to heavy-duty stripping or scrubbing, or at 400 rpm, can be used for spray cleaning or polishing. It’s ideal for use in airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and features.

The Truvox Orbis Duo Speed comes with a wide host of brushes and pads for all different hard floor surfaces.

Free delivery nationwide in Ireland.

Technical Data:

Productivity475 m²/h
Voltage230 V
Motor Power1100 W
Pad/brush speed190/380 rpm
Pad/brush pressure27 g/cm²
Pad diameter43 cm
Sound pressure level53 dB (A)
Sound pressure level with vacuum69 dB (A)
Weight40 kg
Cable length15 m
Dimensions (L x W x H)65 x 47 x 121 cm
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