Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine – Taski Swingo




Swingo 750e

2,800.00 (ex VAT)

Save huge amounts of time and effort

Using a floor scrubber dryer will save you time, effort and money as it delivers efficient, reliable and effective cleaning every time.

Perfect for busy areas like shops and restaurants, the Taski Swingo 750e is a walk behind floor scrubber dryer machine that will quickly clean any medium to large floor surfaces. As the machine dries the floor after it cleans this prevents any slip hazards or disruption working for the floor to dry.

The Taski Swingo offers maximum agility in confined areas with a dual -axle that allows the machine to easily turn on the spot. It’s a top class scrubber dryer that’s durable and easy to handle.

Free delivery nationwide in Ireland.

Technical Data:

Theoretical performance: 1290 m²/h
Working width: 43 cm
Squeegee width: 68 cm
Solution tank (nominal): 47 l
Recovery tank (nominal): 40 l
Nominal consumption: 1500 W
Rated voltage: 230-240 V / 50 Hz
Machine weight ready for use: 110 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1119x459x1124 mm
Turning circle: 1.12 m
Brush system: 1 x 43 cm
Brush pressure: 31 kg
Working speed: 3 km/h
Cable length: 25 m
Noise level: 69 dB(A)
Splash water protection: IPX4
Electrical protection: class I
Approvals: TÜV, ÖVE

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