Floor Polisher Machine – Nilfisk FM 400 H

550.00 (ex VAT)

A high-quality floor polisher for an affordable price.

The Nilfisk 400 H is a high-speed floor polisher that’s ideal for creating a high gloss floor finish and spray cleaning coated floors. It’s used to polish, scrub and spray cleaning floor surfaces such as wood, vinyl, tile, and other hard floors.

This high-speed industrial floor polishing machine will clean and polish hard floors quickly and effectively. Easy to operate with a comfortable handle, the Nilfisk FM 400 H is a powerful little machine that runs at 1500 rpm. It’s designed for durability to deliver reliability and long-lasting life.

We guarantee you’ll get amazing results with the Nilfisk FM 400 H. This particular Nilfisk floor cleaning machine  comes with a 6-month warranty, a drive board, and a host of brushes and pads for any hard floor type.

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