Floor Burnisher Machine – Cleanfix R 53-1100




Omni, R 53-1100

600.00 (ex VAT)

A floor burnisher is a floor cleaning machine that’s used to clean and shine your floors at the same time. Mostly used to clean and polish hardwood, marble, and tile floors, a floor burnisher is the perfect floor cleaning machine for office buildings, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Buying a floor burnisher allows you to get professional floor cleaning at an affordable price. A high-quality floor burnisher, like this Cleanfix R 53-1100, can cover large floor surfaces in a minimal amount of time. It’s an easy to use, lightweight, cleaning machine that’s simple to clean and maintain. The Cleanfix R 53-1100 surfs over floors with minimal resistance and is particularly useful for floors with high foot traffic to reduce wear and tear.

We guarantee that the Cleanfix R53-1100 will bring your floors back to life. Make a positive impression and help your facility stand out with well-maintained floors that are clean and shiny.

This floor burnisher is backed by a 12-month warranty with free shipping nationwide in Ireland.


Technical Data:

Total power230 V / 1200 W
Working width53 cm
Working height15/35 cm
Cable length20 m
Brush speed1100 1/min
Weight46 kg
Noise level67 dB (A)
Torque12 Nm
Protection classI/IPX0
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