Floor Polishing Machine – Cleanfix Power Disc High Speed




Powerdisc 400

550.00 (ex VAT)

Would you like your floors to have the perfect ‘wet’ look finish?

The Cleanfix Power Disc is a high-quality industrial floor polishing machine that’s in excellent condition. It’s a quick, quiet, effective floor cleaning machine that’s easy to maneuver and handle. With a simple design to reduce maintenance costs, the Cleanfix Power Disc High Speed is agile and can easily handle corners and under counters and tables.

Floor Polishers are suitable for daytime cleaning of office, buildings, schools or hospital corridors and can be used on marble, linoleum, concrete and tile floor surfaces.

So get your floors cleaned quickly with less effort by using the Cleanfix Power Disc High Speed. It guarantees a superior, mirror-like finish.

Comes with a 6 month warranty, a drive board, and a host of brushes and pads for any floor type.

Free delivery nationwide in Ireland.


Technical Data:

Total power230 V / 1200 W
Working width44 cm
Working height37 cm
Cable length12.5 m
Brush speed410 1/min
Weight30 kg
Solution tank14 litres
Noise level55 dB (A)
Torque29 Nm
Vibration strength handle<2.5 m/s²
Protection classI/IPX0
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