Floor Polishing Machine – Cleanfix Powerdisc 400




Powerdisc 400

550.00 (ex VAT)

Fast. Efficient. Easy to use.

Would you like to reduce your cleaning time and increase efficiency?

The Cleanfix Power Disc 400 is a powerful, cost-effective floor polisher that delivers incredible value for money. A floor polisher works by spraying a cleaning solution on the floor. Then a sponge or brush works with the cleaning solution to eliminate dirt and grime. Because special pads dry the floor as you go, you’re left with a sparkling, clean, dry floor in a matter of minutes

You can enjoy long-term cost savings with the Cleanfix Power Disc 400. A durable, long-lasting cleaning machine with a simple, user-friendly design that’s easy to operate and maintain.

Perfect for use in retail stores, shopping centers, schools, office buildings and factories.

A high-speed floor polisher like the Cleanfix Power Disc 400 is guaranteed to save you time and money on floor maintenance. Comes with a 12 month warranty, a drive board and a host of brushes and pads for any hard floor types are also available.

Technical Data:

Total power230 V / 1200 W
Working width44 cm
Working height37 cm
Cable length12.5 m
Brush speed410 1/min
Weight30 kg
Solution tank14 litres
Noise level55 dB (A)
Torque29 Nm
Vibration strength handle<2.5 m/s²
Protection classI/IPX0
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